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Dr Franziska Huettner, MD PhD FACS

Plastic Surgeon New York


Dr Huettner is an expert in providing facial, body and breast surgeries and finds fulfillment in helping her patients feel confident, happy and beautiful.

With her being bilingual in English and German, and her staff being bilingual in English and Spanish, she and her team welcome international patients seeking reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in New York’s high level industry.

Her patients receive undivided attention, a direct line of communication and a fully customized surgical and recovery plan.

Here, you are no longer just one of many passing strangers: you are one of a select few patients whose search for high-quality, personalized plastic surgery in New York has led them to Dr. Huettner.

New York City is home to over eight million people, and welcomes many millions more as visitors every year. It is a place known for its busy streets and bright lights; a place where you can disappear into the so-called concrete jungle. But among the chaos you’ll find the calm of a quiet office: the practice of plastic surgeon Franziska Huettner, MD, PhD.

Indulge in a look you can truly call your own.

Dr. Huettner reveals beauty in a way few other surgeons can. Glimpse the transformation that awaits you when you trust your look to one of Manhattan’s premiere aesthetic artists. Real patients. True expression.

  • 5 star review  t wasn’t an ad, or a google search, or an anecdotal experience (a single satisfied friend/patient) that led me to Dr. Huettner. I’m fortunate to have a brother, who due... read more

    thumb physics guy

    5 star review  My experience was a wonderful one! Dr Huettner and her assistant treated me with the upmost care, everything was carefully explained. I had reconstructive breast surgery and I’m very pleased... read more

    thumb Yolanda Serrano

    5 star review  Dr. Huettner did a great job when my 3 year old son fell and had a deep cut over his left eye brow. It healed beautifully and it's as if... read more

    thumb Danielle Exantus
  • 5 star review  We met Dr. Huettner in the ER at NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital when our little one required sutures on his forehead. She took the time to explain everything to us,... read more

    thumb Martha Diaz

    5 star review  When making the choice to enhance your appearance you want to be in the best hands and with Dr Huttner you will be. She is there for you through your... read more

    thumb Elisha Rivera

    5 star review  Hi Dr. Huettner, I wish to thank you for the positive experience and extraordinary personal care for which you provided. While I had a very minor surgical procedure, you extended yourself... read more

    thumb Brian Leigh
  • 5 star review  My mom Marcia ButlerHurlington and family would like to thank Dr. Huettner and her team for their professionalism and expertise in repairing a complex tear on both my mom’s earlobes.... read more

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