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Dr Franziska Huettner, MD PhD FACS

Plastic Surgeon New York


Dr Huettner is an expert in providing facial, body and breast surgeries and finds fulfillment in helping her patients feel confident, happy and beautiful.

With her being bilingual in English and German, and her staff being bilingual in English and Spanish, she and her team welcome international patients seeking reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in New York’s high level industry.

Her patients receive undivided attention, a direct line of communication and a fully customized surgical and recovery plan.

Here, you are no longer just one of many passing strangers: you are one of a select few patients whose search for high-quality, personalized plastic surgery in New York has led them to Dr. Huettner.

New York City is home to over eight million people, and welcomes many millions more as visitors every year. It is a place known for its busy streets and bright lights; a place where you can disappear into the so-called concrete jungle. But among the chaos you’ll find the calm of a quiet office: the practice of plastic surgeon Franziska Huettner, MD, PhD.

Indulge in a look you can truly call your own.

Dr. Huettner reveals beauty in a way few other surgeons can. Glimpse the transformation that awaits you when you trust your look to one of Manhattan’s premiere aesthetic artists. Real patients. True expression.

Listen to our patients in their own words

Through our Patient Journeys, those who have gone through procedures with Dr. Huettner are able to share with others their experience. To get a feeling of what it’s like to work with Dr. Huettner, take a look at these firsthand accounts.

  • 5 star review  My experience with Dr. Huettner was amazing! After our initial consultation for my breast reduction surgery, I knew that she would be a great choice. Throughout the entire process, she... read more

    thumb Emily Backos

    5 star review  Choosing Dr. Huettner for my breast reduction is one of my smartest decisions. I grew up in the Caribbean where my family doctor and my mother treat their patients with... read more

    thumb RP

    5 star review  After the initial consultation for a breast reduction with Dr. Huettner, I knew she was the surgeon for me. From the very first appointment to the day of the surgery,... read more

    thumb S B
  • 5 star review  I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years and Dr. Huettner made my dream come true. Thank you so much. Dr. Huettner was attentive, caring, Informative and professional... read more

    thumb A D

    5 star review  Great doctor I’m more confident than I ever been. I go outside more my clothes fit me so well my back doesn’t hurt no more. She did my breast reduction... read more

    thumb Lebett 94

    5 star review  I am forever grateful to Dr. Huettner for the outcome of my surgery (breast reduction) and the staff at the surgery center for the excellent service I received. We... read more

    thumb Ronella Fraser
  • 5 star review  I could not be any more pleased with the results of my surgery (breast reduction) - thanks to Dr Huettner. She is truly the best of the best. I knew... read more

    thumb Clare Beatty

    5 star review  I had been researching plastics surgeons for breast reduction for quite some time and even sought out referrals. I ended up finding Dr Huettner on my own online and from... read more

    thumb Keiya Rayne

    5 star review  I cannot recommend Dr. Huettner enough and her entire office. The process was easy and they were able to get insurance approval fast! They eased all of my fears and... read more

    thumb danielle coleman
  • 5 star review  The best part of working with Dr. Heuttner on my breast reduction was how easy she made everything. From consultation to post-operative care, she has made this process so frictionless,... read more

    thumb Denise Kupferschmidt

    5 star review  If I could give Dr. Huettner (and her team!) 6 stars, I would. Her service, care, and professionalism exceeded all my expectations and I'm so happy with my results. I... read more

    thumb Caroline Olsson O'Toole

    5 star review  Amazing surgeon and supporting staff. I felt well-informed and stayed under the watchful eye of Dr. Huettner during the recovery. Had no complications and I love my smaller chest. Such... read more

    thumb M E
  • 5 star review  Dr. Huettner is the best surgeon, I am very satisfied with the results of my breast reduction surgery. She was very friendly, informative, and quite professional. I would recommend Dr. Huettner... read more

    thumb Dorcas Jones

    5 star review  Dr. Huettner is simply the best. From my very first consultation, she made me feel so at ease and explained the procedure very thoroughly and answered any and all questions... read more

    thumb Kelsey Andersen

    5 star review  I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Dr. Huettner and her team are absolutely amazing. I am incredibly happy that I decided to get my breast reduction and... read more

    thumb Nidai Ibrahim
  • 5 star review  I’m very happy with my results from my procedure. Dr. Huettner was wonderful! She answered all my questions and put me at ease. A great experience from start to... read more

    thumb Dexis Weiss

    5 star review  Dr. Huettner is incredible! She is caring, passionate, and highly skilled. I felt supported, comfortable, and cared for since the very first interaction with her. Even though I had to... read more

    thumb Greyson Corapi

    5 star review  I am one month post op a bilateral reduction, and I must say I couldn't be happier with the services received by Dr. Huettner and her team. I have been... read more

    thumb Kara Black
  • 5 star review  Dr. Huettner is the Best Plastic Surgeon you will ever meet!! December 2019 Dr. Huettner performed my Liposuction Tummy Tuck and it was the best decision I ever made... read more

    thumb Andrea Albert

    5 star review  It is rare to find a doctor who combines genuine caring with world class training, and technical skill as a surgeon. Dr. Huettner took the time to get to know... read more

    thumb Cece Cutler

    5 star review  Upon seeing Dr. Franziska Huettner, I was greeted and treated with exceptional care and vibrant positive energy, in which allowed me to experience a sense of urgency she places on... read more

    thumb J Vee
  • 5 star review  I had been thinking about getting liposuction for years. My mid-section has always been a struggle. Deciding to take the leap and actually go through with the surgery was something... read more

    thumb Sam Miller

    5 star review  I am almost three months post surgery I had with Dr. Huettner and am feeling great! I had a breast reduction done back in November. It was my dream to have... read more

    thumb Bogdana Ferguson

    5 star review  Dr. Huettner is brilliant, dedicated, and highly supportive. My sincere thanks to her and her staff for their excellent services. Dr. Huettner performed breast reduction surgery which immediately relieved my... read more

    thumb Anabelle Rivera

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