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Dr Huettner

Dr Huettner

There is no shortage of medical expertise in a world-class city like New York — but Franziska Huettner, MD, PhD, stands out even among the competition. With combined medical and medical science doctorates, dual board certifications, training at internationally acclaimed institutions and a reputation for highly customized care and results, Dr. Huettner offers a truly exceptional experience as you pursue your aesthetic goals. Nowhere else will you find the same level of passion and personalization.

Dr. Huettner is drawn to plastic surgery for its ability to change patients’ lives for the better. She has seen first-hand how her patients look at themselves in a different light after surgery: they are happier, more confident and more comfortable with themselves, whether they underwent a full mommy makeover or had simple non-surgical facial injections. Dr. Huettner strives to help every patient feel like the best version of themselves, by creating beauty and restoring function through cosmetic services tailored to each individual.

Elite training and expertise
Dr. Huettner was raised by physician parents in Germany and followed their footsteps into medicine. She attended medical school at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena before moving to the United States to pursue further training. She completed two residencies, one in general surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and another in plastic surgery with the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

After a prestigious fellowship in aesthetic plastic surgery and one year in practice at the Cleveland Clinic, she held a three-year position at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. In 2017, she moved to Manhattan to pursue her own practice. She has since created a niche among exclusive clientele seeking a private experience with a top-caliber plastic surgeon. She continues to build her reputation for excellence with every procedure performed.

Dr. Huettner’s goal is to make each patient feel like they have their own personal plastic surgeon. She believes deeply in the individuality of aesthetics: she knows that every patient has a different ideal outcome, which can only be achieved with custom approaches and treatments. She takes the time to meet with each person face-to-face, getting to know not only their cosmetic wants and needs, but also the aspects of their life outside of her office that may influence their best outcomes.

She provides the same high level of care at every phase of treatment, from the first consultation through recovery and beyond. No matter what concerns her patients may have, she is available to speak with them, answer their questions and ensure they are comfortable. She is respectful of her patients’ lives, schedules and time restraints and prefers a treatment model that offers her patients as much accommodation and one-on-one attention as possible.

State-of-the-art plastic surgery in the heart of Manhattan

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