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IPL Photo Facial

A clear, radiant complexion is something we all strive for, but discoloration, redness and sun damage can make this difficult to achieve despite a balanced skin care routine. Although pigmentation issues can be difficult to address and are a common concern for many men and women, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Franziska Huettner at Manhattan Plastic Surgery NYC can banish your blemishes with an intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial. This innovative procedure harnesses the power of light to restore the natural beauty of your skin, successfully repairing years of sun damage and reversing the signs of aging in just a few short treatment sessions.

IPL Photo Facial for Confidence Beauty


What are IPL Photofacials?

IPL photofacials are a gentle, noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatment that can restore the tone and texture of your face with minimal downtime. IPL photofacials are nonablative and utilize pulsed light energy to improve the appearance of numerous skin conditions, such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Facial veins and broken blood vessels
  • Mild to moderate acne

IPL photofacials work by directing specific wavelengths of light-based energy at the skin, breaking down and dispersing unwanted pigment while stimulating regenerative effects in the deeper dermal layers. Dr. Huettner at Manhattan Plastic Surgery NYC can adjust the device’s settings to target your specific skin concerns, providing highly customized treatments designed to maximize your results.

IPL photofacials are extremely versatile treatments able to address a variety of skin concerns but are most effective when performed on individuals with fairer skin. Patients with a darker complexion are at risk of experiencing pigmentation issues after treatment and are generally not good candidates. Certain conditions such as melasma are also not recommended for IPL photofacials as they may worsen after treatment. Ideal candidates are those who:

  • Suffer from rosacea, sun damage and other conditions that respond well to treatment
  • Want to improve the tone and texture of their skin
  • Are not taking medications such as Accutane
  • Can commit to more than one treatment
  • Have not tanned recently
  • Have realistic expectations

Dr. Huettner will determine if IPL photofacials are right for you during an in-person consultation. She will examine your skin, identify areas of concern and discuss your expectations to ensure that your aesthetic goals can be met. If you are not a good candidate or have more serious concerns that require a different approach, Dr. Huettner will help you find an effective treatment that will provide more noticeable results.

Before your IPL photofacial, there are a few things you can do to promote a successful treatment and ensure an optimal outcome. The first is to avoid sun exposure or tanning booths in the days before your treatment, as IPL photofacials work best on fair, untanned skin. The second is to avoid topical products that contain retinol, glycolic acid and other ingredients that increase skin sensitivity for a more comfortable experience. You may also want to stop taking aspirin, blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs a week before your appointment to reduce your risk of bleeding.

On the day of your treatment, Dr. Huettner will thoroughly cleanse your skin before the treatment begins and apply a cool gel that will improve the effects of the light waves. You will also be provided with protective eyewear as a safety precaution. When you’re ready, Dr. Huettner will move the IPL device across the surface of your skin in a strategic pattern, lingering on specific areas of concern to ensure optimal results. Depending on your skin care needs, your IPL photofacial will last 30 to 60 minutes, although longer appointments are possible if you wish to target a larger treatment area. Most patients find the procedure to be very comfortable and don’t require topical anesthetics, reporting only a mild stinging or burning sensation. If you have particularly sensitive skin and are concerned about your comfort levels during the procedure, however, you can discuss your options during your consultation. After your treatment, your skin will be cleansed again and you can resume all normal activities.

IPL photofacials are especially effective at treating the effects of sun damage, accumulated melanin, premature aging and dry, leathery skin to restore a radiant complexion. Areas with a lot of pigmentation respond particularly well to treatments, as the light pulses emitted by the device are absorbed by melanin in the skin and break down excess pigment, causing spots, freckles and other blemishes to fade. The focused light energy also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother skin that will continue to improve over time.

While you’ll notice significant improvements in your skin after just one photofacial, you may need multiple treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals. The number of treatments you’ll need will vary, but most patients receive three to five treatments spaced a few weeks apart for an optimal outcome. Dr. Huettner will work closely with you to develop an individualized treatment plan designed to give you beautiful, youthful-looking skin in a matter of months. Not only will the tone, color and texture of your skin improve with each treatment, you’ll also enjoy enhanced elasticity and bounce due to increased collagen production. Your IPL photofacial results will last for up to 12 months, but Dr. Huettner can craft a personalized maintenance plan with the goal of preserving your beautiful skin for years to come.

What is the Recovery Like?

You can immediately resume all normal activities after your IPL photofacial, but it will be essential that you avoid direct sun exposure in the days following your appointment. Treated areas will be more vulnerable to harmful UV rays during this time, so make sure you wear sunscreen at all times to protect your skin throughout the day. You may experience some sensitivity, redness and swelling that feels similar to a mild sunburn, but these effects typically subside within a few days. As your results begin to develop, pigmentation may darken at first as the skin prepares to shed, flaking away after a few weeks to reveal smooth, even skin tone. Dr. Huettner will send you home with detailed aftercare instructions to promote a smooth recovery and be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process.

If you’re ready to transform your skin and say goodbye to blemishes, sun damage and redness, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Franziska Huettner can help you improve the tone and texture of your skin with an IPL photofacial. Dedicated to providing each patient with a highly individualized experience, Dr. Huettner will develop a treatment plan designed to address your specific concerns and help you achieve your aesthetic goals with minimal downtime or recovery. Contact or call Manhattan Plastic Surgery NYC at 646-906-9260 to learn more about this procedure and reveal radiant, healthy skin today.

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